Samagra eResource Portal is an online learning platform completely developed by KITE, under the Public Education Rejuvenation Mission of the State Govt. In order to supplement the Hi-Tech school project, it is essential for the schools to have right content in addition to adequate ICT equipments and trained teachers. It is in this context that KITE, with the academic support of SCERT, developed a comprehensive resource portal viz SAMAGRA, which is a repository of digital resources of all subjects from Class 1 to 12. As its name implies the software act as a resource which cover syllabus based teaching resources for schools all over Kerala. Teachers contribute various learning resources such as a videos, images, interactive like pdb, ggb, swf, gif and the students are able to access these contents without any restriction. The resources are arranged in such a way that which can be accessed by subject-chapter-topic filtering.

The scope of SAMAGRA is not limited to being a resource portal, instead as a complete online learning management system beneficial for students, teachers, public and academicians. Understanding the need of the hour, SAMAGRA is positioned as a one-stop permanent source for digital contents for all students which ease the learning process in classrooms.

SAMAGRA has the digital resources for all subjects from Std 1 to 12, in the form of videos, animations, audios, stimulations, interactive contents, pictures etc. It also enables the unit plan of every chapter in addition to micro planning. Multiple levels of log-ins are integrated in SAMAGRA for the Teachers, Public and Administrators. All e-Resources available in SAMAGRA can be downloaded from anywhere. The portal also features specific Forums for discussions, in which teachers can clarify the doubts irrespective of location constraints. SAMAGRA also has eTextbooks of all subjects in four medium viz Malayalam, English, Tamil and Kannada. This enables the students to study the subjects even in the absence of physical textbooks. SAMAGRA can be accessed at


GOs & Circulars

1.G.O(Ms)No.1968/2018/GEdn  28.05.2018

2.SAMAGRA Educational Portal - Approach Paper

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The KITE under General Education Department was set-up to augment the IT education in schools and also to enhance the quality of IT education towards a complete ICT enabled educational system

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