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Prof C. Raveendranath

Prof C. Raveendranath

Minister for General Education

Sri. A Shajahan IAS

Sri. A Shajahan IAS


Sri.K.Anvar Sadath

Sri.K.Anvar Sadath

Chief Executive Officer, KITE

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), formerly IT@School Project, was formed in 2001-02 to fuel ICT enabled education in the schools in the State. IT@School was transformed in to KITE in August 2017.

     KITE is the first SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) Company of the Education Department of the State. KITE also became the first SPV to get funded by Kerala Infrastructure And Investment Fund Board (KIIFB), the apex body for monitoring all the projects envisaged by the Govt. The hitherto scope of General Education Sector has now been extended further with KITE being positioned to fuel ICT support to Higher Education sector also including Arts & Science, Engineering colleges and Universities.

     IT@School was formed in 2001, as a Project under General Education Department, to inculcate IT activities in Higher School sections in the State. The first breakthrough of IT@School came in 2005 when Information Technology was made a compulsory subject in Std 10. The launch of EDUSAT operations and broadband connectivity to schools commenced since then, the VICTERS channel operated by IT@School was the first Complete Educational Channel in the Country. By effectively making use of the Centrally sponsored ‘ICT at School ‘scheme, IT@School provided ICT infrastructure to 4071 schools during 2007- 2012. In 2016, IT@School re-initiated the ICT intervention in Lower Primary and Upper Primary sections, by launching exclusive ICT Textbooks viz; Kalipetti and e@Vidya. As many as 1.50 Lakh teachers from Std 1 to 12 has been empowered with ICT skills, enabling them to transact their subjects more effectively using ICT tools.

     IT@School amply supplemented the State Government’s Public Education Rejuvenation Mission with initiatives such as Samagra Content Portal, Sampoorna School Management software and SchoolWiki which connects 15,000 schools for collaborative content development process. A major recent highlight of IT@School was the ‘Hi School Kuttikootam’ programme under which over 1 lakh students are being provided specialized trainings in 5 different areas such as Animation, Cyber Safety, Hardware, Electronics and Malayalam computing. Through the transformation to a full-fledged Company under the Government, KITE has now more scope and authority for implementing various ICT programmes, when compared to the earlier Project mode of operation. KITE has already started the implementation of Hi-Tech school programme of the Education Department, by which 45000 classrooms in 4775 schools are being made Hi-Tech, for which KIIFB has already approved a funding of Rs.493.50 Crores.

  • 2018


    Mass implementation of Hi-Tech school programme, Little KITEs IT Clubs, Samagra Resource Portal

  • 2017


    Kuttikootam for students, Harithavidyalayam 2nd edition, Broadband connectivity to LP&UP schools.

  • 2016


    HiTech project pilot

    Broadband to LP & UP

    Training to SSITCs

  • 2015


    Broadband to 1390 schools

  • 2014


    VICTERS turns Digital

  • 2013


    Hardware Training to VHSE

  • 2012


    IT Theory in ITExam Software

  • 2011


    Haritha Vidhyalayam show

  • 2010


    ICT enabled education starts

  • 2009


    IT@School to UP & LP

  • 2008


    ICT enabled education pilot

  • 2007


    IT practical exam on FOSS

  • 2006


    Complete shift to FOSS

  • 2005


    IT@School Linux OS & VICTERS

  • 2004


    DRCs& IT enabled content

  • 2003


    IT becomes compulsory

  • 2002


    Master Trainer Network

  • 2001


    IT added to State Curriculum

  • 2000


    Task force formation

About Us

The KITE under General Education Department was set-up to augment the IT education in schools and also to enhance the quality of IT education towards a complete ICT enabled educational system.

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