The ICT enabled education in the State started with the introduction of a text book on Information Technology for Std 8 in the year 2003. This was followed by Textbooks for Std 9 and 10 in the subsequent years. All contents were developed by KITE, as per the new curriculum approach based on the National Curriculum Framework. The revised textbook for Std 8 which was well acclaimed by the learning and teaching community for its innovative approach in ICT enabled education. The textbook contents were developed in such a way that students could learn various topics by themselves by making use of numerous ICT tools designed for each subject. KITE also developed ICT handbooks for Upper Primary section in 2009 and for Lower Primary section in 2012. The Kerala model of teaching IT skills like Video editing and animation effortlessly to students through fun activities was featured in the National ICT education policy of 2011. The ICT textbooks for Class 8 to 10 were revised in 2016 as well as new textbook named ‘Kalipetti’ was introduced for Lower Primary classes.







As part of eGovernance activities, KITE has also developed a Textbook Intending system, which is a web application used for collecting the Textbook requirements from schools. The application is titled TEXTBOOK SUPPLY MONITORING SYSTEM”. Schools submit their total print order requirement to the Text Book Officer, who would then forward the details to KBPS (Kerala Books and Publications Society). The books would be supplied through the societies in each school. Through the application, the distribution of books to the schools can be tracked effectively.

The application has 10 types of users with different functionalities. The monitoring of books distribution is done in various levels. The Government or Aided school get their books from societies, whereas the Unaided schools will have to pay the cost of books and then collect their books from District Hubs. Unaided Unrecognised schools can register in the application for getting language titles from Hubs. The textbook requirements from schools for the next academic year are collected before the end of the current academic year. Software is managed according to the requirements provided by the Textbook Officer (TBO). Eventhough the requirement collection is a One time process, the intending would be reopened according to the order from Textbook Office on demand of schools who are yet to submit their intends.

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The KITE under General Education Department was set-up to augment the IT education in schools and also to enhance the quality of IT education towards a complete ICT enabled educational system

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