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E3 English Language Lab

A FOSS based easy to adopt, free to use and deploy anywhere digital multimedia software for enhancing the English language proficiency of students developed by KITE.

As part of Public Education Rejuvenation Mission, Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) launched a project named E3 English which aims to enhance and enrich the English language proficiency of students in an enjoyable atmosphere by making use of Hi-Tech labs in schools. It is in this context that Government vide GO (Rt.) No.804/2020/G.Edn dated 17.02.2020 sanctioned the roll-out of E3 English (E-Cube English) project in schools. The project comprises of three components viz. Samagra E-library, E-language lab and E- broadcast.

E3 English Language Lab is a space for English learning where students have access to computer based interactive digital multimedia software. Language lab software is designed to enable the students to acquire language skills in an interesting and interactive way. The interactive software works in offline mode. Kerala is not in favour of using proprietary software prepared by private agencies in language labs. For the first time in the state KITE has developed free open source software for language labs based on curriculum and learning processes in vogue in the state. E3 English Language Lab software is an easy to install software without any separate investment on software or hardware and which is in tune with the curriculum and pedagogy in the state.

The customized version of Moodle is used for the development of E3 English Language Lab software. Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.


E3 English Language Lab software developed by KITE in 2021 has four levels viz.

  • Level 1 (for students of classes 1&2)
  • Level 2 (for students of classes 3&4)
  • Level 3 (for students of classes 5&6)
  • Level 4 (for students of classes 7&8)
However, the levels are not strictly class specific, so teachers are free to assign the students to do activities in any of the levels based on students’ competence in using English.

E3 English Language Lab software developed by KITE has three login options such as student login, teacher login and HM login. The student login is meant for students to access the course content at a particular level. But they need the support of the teacher to login and access the course content. With the support of the teacher, each student can go to the course content at a particular level.

Each level in the language lab consists of 10 stories and language learning activities related to all the stories. Each story at a particular level consists of 2 listening activities and activities related to the story such as: drag and drop, true or false, matching type, choose the appropriate answer, assignments, audio recording, video recording etc. All these features are implemented in the software by customizing the activity part of Moodle software. Teachers have to direct students to do all the activities and submit their answers/responses to the teachers for assessment and feedback.

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The KITE under General Education Department was set-up to augment the IT education in schools and also to enhance the quality of IT education towards a complete ICT enabled educational system.

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